Brandon Lee

Bruce Lee's son


Brandon Lee was born in Oakland, California on February 1, 1965 at the tail end of the year of the Dragon.


As a child Brandon lived in Oakland, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, finally settling back in the Los Angeles area after the death of his father, Bruce Lee. At the age of 18, Brandon left LA to attend Emerson College in Boston, but he soon returned to Los Angeles to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an actor. Brandon acted in plays, television, and film. His most notable roles were in Rapid Fire and The Crow. In 1993 during the filming of The Crow, Brandon was killed on set by a blank fired from a jammed prop gun. His death has prompted changes in safety standards on film sets to this day. He was survived by his fiancé, Eliza Hutton. To this day, Brandon is remembered as a dynamic, charismatic, and talented man who touched the lives of many through his work and his relationships.


It’s important to everybody to find something, anything, that is a path with heart in it.”"- Brandon Lee

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